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FDO-CWFR (Closed)

Canonical Workflow Framework for Research

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The CWFR group is focussing on two major aspects:

  • Assuming that every data scientist will become a professional in developing efficient workflow tools and knowing that current workflow technology is still far away from the daily practices in the data labs, we need to introduce libraries of canonical components which are close to the researchers practices and allow researchers to easily orchestrate automatic workflows.
  • Such workflow frameworks that need to be attractive to the researchers to adapt their practices need to support FAIRness under the motor cap, i.e. the researcher should not be bothered by all FAIR requirements. The best way to achieve this is to request that all canonical components should support the concept of FAIR Digital Objects (FDO) [].


This group was already active in organising working meetings, in designing a special issue of the Data Intelligence Journal on CWFR and in related activities. All information about CWFR can be found on its Open Science Framework pages:


Currently this group has about 40 members, however, it will be open to other experts sharing its goals. The co-chairs of this group are: Amirpasha Mozaffari, Alessandro Spinuso, Peter Wittenburg and Zhiming Zhao.

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