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The FDO Forum is a neutral, bottom-up and inclusive international network aiming to bring together policy, research and technological experts to co-develop the required body of specifications for the wide implementation and roll out of FAIR Digital Objects (FDO) based architectures which were described as fundamental contributions for the digital transformation in the “Turning FAIR into Reality [1]” and the “EOSC Interoperability Framework [2]” reports. Furthermore, the Forum is tasked with large scale engagement activities to promote the use of FDOs in science and industry.

The FDO Forum is kindly inviting organisations (with or without a legal entity) that are interested in the following aspects of the work of the Forum to join as members.

  • Contribution to the development or validation of scientific (research) or industry-linked use cases;
  • Contribution to the specification work of the FDO Forum (through the work of its working groups);
  • Development of operational or pilot application of FDOs in their data infrastructures;
  • Capacity enhancement (incl. training),communication and dissemination activities;
  • Participation as potential technology providers.


All institutional members enjoy the following benefits:

Systematic and tailored communication of Forum outputs to all members

Invitations extended to member representatives to Forum events as contributors

Participation of member experts in Forum working groups

Access of member experts to all material including the evolving standards

Facilitated access of member experts to training courses, hackathons, etc.

Participation in setting up work priorities for the Forum

Member logos will be included in key communications of the Forum

Other benefits as discussed and agreed to with the institutional member and FDO Executive Board