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FDO Training DayThe FDO Forum intends to organise a whole day of training courses on FDO relatedmatters such as using PIDs (globally unique, resolvable and persistent identifiers), registries forprofiles and kernel attributes, creating FDO compliant repositories, developing adapters, etc. Moreinformation will come soon.2024-03-19DIN Standardisation Institute https://www.din.de/en https://fairdo.org/fdof-summit-2024/
2 nd International FDO ConferenceFrom 20 to 21 March 2024 the FDO Forum will organise its FAIRDigital Object Implementation summit following up on the successful conference in Leiden(https://www.fdo2022.org/). This time we will focus on FDO implementations and some urgent policy aspects. The conference will include sessions with keynotes, panels, presentations, posters and lightning talks. More information is on the website.2024-03-20
Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
Should software objects be FDOs?The talk will discuss the FAIR4RS process, including version 1.0 of the FAIR4RS principles (https://doi.org/10.15497/RDA00068), and ongoing governance of the principles. It will also talk about the differences between software and data, how these differences led to these principles, and will begin a discussion on how software can be treated as a FAIR digital object.2023-09-2213.0014.30
Reproducible Computations in Scientific ResearchPeter Bajcsy (NIST) will report about his comprehensive work on building an ecosystem for Reproducible Computations by including standards as far going as possible and by using FAIR containerised software. He is offering the WIPP processing framework for researchers to add their components. In addition, he is looking also for implementint new ideas such as FDOs.2023-11-1614.0015.00
Evaluating FAIR Digital Object and Linked Data as distributed object systems - postponed to end of February - a new date will be announced asapStian Soiland-Reyes, Carole Goble and Paul Groth wrote an interesting paper where they compared in detail the FDO and LD approaches. In a first workshop Stian will present first main topics, Christophe Blanchi and Ulrich Schwardmann will raise some first comments to kick off the discussion. It is the intention to leave sufficient space for discussions. A second workshop might be scheduled on this topic dependent on the outcome of the first workshop.Openhttps://arxiv.org/abs/2306.07436

Past events of interest

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Title of eventDescriptionDatePlaceAdditional information
Building an FDO Testbed(workshop)After spending much time on the specifications of the FAIR Digital Objects and developing a variety of widely isolated demonstrators in the first 2 years until the Leiden conference, the FDO Forum is now turning its focus amongst others towards developing a consolidated FDO testbed integrating and optimizing a variety of components and where necessary add new ones. In the FDO TSIG WG discussions have been started who to define the requirements for such a testbed. To include all interested experts in these discussions we will organise this workshop. The developments will be of great importance for the future of FDOs, therefore, we will be happy if more experts will join the development work.2023-07-07OnlineDocument
Are Nanopublications FDOs?(lecture)Nanopublications are unitary assertions with associated provenance that are made referenceable by globally unique and persistent identifiers and are using the RDF framework. The idea behind nano-pubs are to summarise research results in a formal way to be able to run, for example, statistics on them to cope with the increasing amount of facts coming out of the labs worldwide. Erik is working together with Barbara Magagna and Tobias Kuhn in driving this concept.2023-06-30OnlineDocument
Gaia-X Federation Services(lecture)A. Weiss, who is one of the most experienced experts in the design and implementation of Internet solutions for the industry, will explain the Gaia-X Federation Services to us. This component of the Gaia-X activities is of great relevance for the FDO work since it tackles the secure interaction between services within a federation of known actors. Security aspects will play a big role in the coming FDO discussions, therefore the GXFS presentation may give us some directions. It should be noted that Gaia-X is a large European project driven by the interests of business.2023-06-28OnlineDocument
FDO Models (Workshop)The specifications of FDO are meant to allow for different approaches. Currently, we see the Signposting approach as being designed by Herbert vd Sompel and the Digital Object Based approach going back to work from R. Kahn and several RDA WGs. In addition, there are suggestions made by Linked Data that should be considered. We will invite experts of the different approaches to present their concepts with the intention to understand in detail what the overlap and the differences are and to look for harmonisations. The workshop will take place in May 2023.2023-05-26OnlineDocument
Concept of Digital Twins /Surrogates (lecture)In science and industry the concept of "digital twins" or more precisely of "digital surrogates" is getting broad attraction. It is about modeling some physical object which allows the experts to study phenomena based on the model instead of touching the physical object. The DiSSCO community is one of the community which highly active in this area. Also European industry is now active in standardising the manners in which DT need to be described (Int. Digital Twi Assoc.). We asked a DiSSCO expert to describe their state of work. The lecture will take place in Apil 2023.2023-04-21onlineDocuments
Defining FDO Collections (workshop)In this open workshop invited experts will elaborate on the different suggestions for collections as they have been suggested for example in RDA, by RO Crate and in industry. The intention is to check the possibility for making a harmonised specification for FDO purposes.The workshop will take place in April2023.2023-04-14onlineDocuments
Overview about FDO/PID related ProjectsThis workshop will present projects currently being funded or in a planning phase that have a relation to PIDs and/or FDOs and which have not yet presented in the realm of FDOF.2023-03-30onlineDocuments
Concept of open Knowlege Networks (lecture)In this lecture from Chaitan Baru, an international distinguished expert, will present the concept of open Knowledge Networks. The discussion will also go about the relation to FDOs .2023-03-07onlineDocuments
Relation between FDOs and Operations (workshop)
In this lecture from Chaitan Baru, an international distinguished expert, will present the concept of open Knowledge Networks. The discussion will also go about the relation to FDOs .2023-02-16onlineDocuments and slides
FDO Forum WorkshopDEVELOPING THE FDO ROADMAP (OPEN). This meeting will discuss (i) the state of the FDO specifications (ii) the gaps that can be identified (iii) the steps that need to be taken to overcome limitations. The goal of this workshop is to continue the open exchange of opinions about state and next steps that need to be taken by the FDO Forum to strengthen the FDO work. This is meant to kick-off a more regular interaction.2023-01-16onlineAnnouncement
FDO Forum Lecture SeriesI4.0 AAS as evolving Industry Standard (Prof. Dr.Ing. Tobias Kleinert, Dr.Ing. Torben Miny [RWTH Aachen])2022-12-15onlineAnnouncement
FDO Forum WorkshopEverything you wanted to know about FDOs but are afraid to ask. We would like to invite you to this Q/A Meeting focusing on the FDO specifications as produced. Three colleagues (Tibor Kalman, Sharif Islam, Andreas Pfeil) will formulate simple answers to questions raised from the virtual audience. Provoking Jargon: Anne Fouilloux Co-Moderator: Peter Wittenburg2022-12-06onlineAnnouncement
FDO Forum Lecture SeriesPID and FDO Service Provisioning in an evolving data landscape – a strategy view (Dr. Sven Bingert, Dr. Tibor Kalman, Prof. Dr. Philipp Wieder [GWDG])2022-11-17onlineVideo
1st International FDO ConferenceThe 1st International Conference of FAIR Digital Objects will bring together for the first time at this scale key technical, scientific, industry, and science-policy stakeholders with the aim to boost the development and implementation of FDOs worldwide and transform the Internet into more than just a data space: into a meaningful data space. This in-person conference will include a variety of different formats (keynotes, invited presentations, community sessions, lightning talks, panels, hackathons, etc.). The conferences will be organised over 3 days as part of Leiden, European City of Science 2022 activities.2022-10-26Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, The NetherlandsVideo
FDO Forum Lecture Series"Standardisation and Perspectives for FDOF-DIN/ISO collaboration", Stefan Weisgerber (DIN/ISO)2022-07-21onlinePresentation
2nd FDO Community Interaction Meeting (CIM)This is the second CIM meeting with a clear focus on practical implementations. The FDO WG will briefly describe their results and then discuss the Digital Enhanced Specimen Concept and Implementation of the DiSSCo community (biodiversity)23/03/2022onlineVideo
High Level Panel on Future Data SpacePanel Discussion19/01/2022onlineWebinar Video Playlist