Our upcoming events

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1st FDO Community Interaction Meeting (CIM)This FDO Community meeting will be the first to disseminate the results of the FDO Forum until now and also engage the community of interested experts in the discussions about all topics being addressed by the FDO Forum and its WGs. All FDO Forum groups are preparing short reports which can be found here: https://datashare.rzg.mpg.de/s/xueRPfzZJBviMON Also slides that will be presented etc. will be uploaded here.14/10/202114:30:0017:45https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83743717220?pwd=aCtCR0JWSmZydTUrSm54M3pGalhLQT09OpenLink to information
SciDataCon Session 1 about FDOsFocus of this session is on the “what” questions such as what is a FDO, why does it help data driven research, what is its long-term impact, what is its promise towards society, etc. Relevant is not only Open Science by Publication, but especially Open Science by Design. This session wants to address the general community interested in optimising research data management and achieving a persistent and stable domain of digital objects that can act as the digital memory in digital times.18/10/202115:00:0016:30:00https://codata.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/SciDataCon2021-Programme_Registration.pdfOpenLink to information
SciDataCon Session 1 about FDOsThe focus is on the “how” questions such as how is an FDO specified, which protocols are relevant, how can FDO-plug-in be realised, how to assess FDO compliance, how to develop concrete FDO based applications, etc. We will address experts who need to design and transform Research Data Management (RDM) solutions, who are building RDM solutions, who want to understand the basic mechanisms and make cost estimates and feasibility, etc. 18/10/202118:00:0019:30:00https://codata.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/SciDataCon2021-Programme_Registration.pdfOpenLink to information
2nd FDO Community Interaction Meeting (CIM)description to come, will be in March 2022
1st International FDO ConferenceThis will be the first International conference focussing on all relevant FAIR Digital Objects. It will include a variety of different formats (keynotes, invited presentations, community sessions, lightning talks, panels, hackathons, etc.). The conferences will be organised on 3 days as part of the Leiden activities as city of science. Details will be announced soon.19/10/2022TBC