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A fully functioning FDO landscape is dependent on a well-organised and operational infrastructure of basic components that can be used by every researcher at the end. For illustration purposes we want to describe three exemplary infrastructure components:

  • a distributed PID landscape allowing every researcher and data centre to participate in registering PIDs (Handles, DOIs) at low costs with Kernel Attributes that meet the functional requirements of the research – yet the service landscape is still fragmented
  • a process to define Kernel Attributes needs to be urgently defined, register them in well-supported type registries and offer them for reuse as a basic mechanism for interoperability
  • measures need to be taken to define a basic set and its possible extensions in a broadly accepted way as profiles, such that the choice of attributes becomes transparent
  • a distributed landscape of well-supported type registries needs to be set up based on the existing specifications, a process needs to be identified to extend the specifications if required

In addition, the group will work out quality requirements for all infrastructure components and specify a quality seal, since researchers need to rely on the 24/7 functioning of these services.

FDO-BIG will closely work together with FDO-TSIG which will focus on FDO specifications and implementations and with RDA DFIG to achieve its goals.

The current co-chairs of FDO-BIG are Ulrich Schwardmann and Christophe Blanchi. For requests/comments send an email to