Our first international conference took place 26-28 October in Leiden, The Netherlands. See the abstracts, presentations, videos and outcomes.

Starting with the basics


What are FAIR Digital Objects?

FAIR Digital Objects (FDO) bind all critical information about an entity in one place and create a new kind of actionable, meaningful and technology independent object that pervades every aspect of life today: A technical essence of a “thing” in cyberspace


Why are they important?

FAIR Digital Objects (FDO) provide a conceptual and implementation framework to develop scalable cross-disciplinary capabilities, deal with the increasing data volumes and their inherent complexity, build tools that help to increase trust in data, create mechanisms to efficiently operate in the domain of scientific assertions, and promote data interoperability.

Our Working Groups

The FDO Forum has currently endorsed a series of working groups. These working groups tackle several aspects of the larger value chain for the application of FDOs.

Our Library

FDO Forum maintains a library of articles that provide more information on the FDO concept and implementation framework and guidelines