Steering Committee and Collaboration

Steering Committee

A first Steering Committee (SC) of the International FDO Forum has come together and is the present structure that will be used to guide the formation of the forum during its initial phase. The Steering Committee gives input on the scope of the forum, represents resources they may bring to Forum working groups, pilots, workshops and other forum activities, and apprises the SC of synergies with other initiatives and funding opportunities. It is one of the primary tasks of the SC to see that other regions will be represented. The current Steering Committee includes the persons in the table below, all of whom are already highly engaged in FDO issues.

First nameLast nameCountryRole

Working Groups

An initial set of working groups (WG) has been defined to identify and develop specific aspects of the FDO landscape. Each WG is organized to achieve its goals within the FDO Forum and participation as member may request substantial efforts. Each WG is led by WG Co-chairs. Interested experts with sufficient time may join by contacting the WG Leader, who will then add them to the WG website’s member list. Working groups are free to develop processes as needed and are asked to summarize these on the group websites in the spirit of transparency.


Co-Chairs from the EU and the US coordinate between the SC, WG Leaders, and other partner organizations. They create SC agendas, pace momentum of the Forum, and lead or participate in other ad hoc working groups, e.g. related to specific workshops. Founding Chairs, Wittenburg and Strawn, have been joined by two additional Co-Chairs, Koureas and Kirkpatrick, to ensure leadership diversity, capacity, and continuity.