Training Day at the FDO Conference

2nd Fair Digital Object Conference

March 19th 2024

Due to the many requests we received, the FDO Forum decided to start giving training courses on FDO matters. The first training courses will be given during the FDO Implementation Conference, but we will certainly repeat courses and will also offer courses on related matters. This time we will fulfil two types of wishes: 

  1. several people mentioned their interest in basic courses
  2. other people showed interest in specific solutions 


Therefore, we decided to have a beginner and a specialist track. At the end of this day, we will organise a newcomer session for everyone interested


Training will take place on Tuesday, 19.3.2024. The general layout of the day is as follows:

Basic Track Specialist Track
9.00 What are FDOs, general/practical introduction, short history
How to connect my repository to the FDO domain

Coffee Break

11.00 How to register and use PIDs?(BT2) How to use FDO Methods for secure applications

Lunch Break

13.30 How to design FDO profiles and kernel attributes?
How to build a Digital Twin with the example of the Digital Specimen

Coffee Break

15.30 Bring FDOs into Light: Towards a generic tool set to make FDOs visible and tangible for users.
How to use FDOs in Workflow environments

Joint Newcomer session




The location of the Training Courses is at the DIN facilities: Burggrafenstraße 6 10787, Berlin, Germany. 

Transport: It is within walking distance from Bahnhof Zoologischer Garten and the bus line 100 stops close to the facilities.



On the registration website for the conference, there will be a checklist of whether participants are interested in a training course. We will reserve a few places for people from supported regions (Africa, Latin America, etc.). For the rest, we will accept those who are registered first. We will indicate whether there are still free places.



The training courses will be recorded and the recordings and documents will be available via the website.