Suggestions and comments on the plans for a Training Day at the FDO Conference

2nd Fair Digital Object Conference

March 2024

At the FDO 2024 Conference in Berlin, we will organise a day with training courses to inform interested experts about what FDOs are and how they can be used. We intend to address two groups of users: newcomers and specialists. We will start with essential aspects for the newcomers without requesting deep prior knowledge from the participants. For the specialists, we intend to address specific issues requiring basic FDOs knowledge. 


Training will take place on Wednesday, 20.3.2024. The general layout of the day is as follows:

Basic Track Specialist Track
9.00 BT1 ST1

Coffee Break

11.00 BT2 ST2

Lunch Break

13.30 BT3 ST3

Coffee Break

15.30 Newcomers & Q/A ST4


Please, fill in the poll below to indicate the training course you want. Also, use the “other” option to suggest topics we might have missed.

Filling out this form does not get you registered for the training courses at the FDO 2024 Conference. Information derived from this poll will be used to plan the Training Day before the conference and will be used to design an optimal course program. Please, indicate which topics you find interesting and also use the “others” button to add additional suggestions.