Shaping the Global Integrated Data Space

The Fair Digital Objects Forum (FDO Forum) and the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) have signed a collaboration agreement to foster the shaping of the emerging Global Integrated Data Space (GIDS) which will enable the building of a stable and manageable data space opening the way to urgently needed data sharing and trading while respecting data ownership and access privileges.

Collaboration Goals

The collaboration is intended to strengthen the existing friendly relationship and cooperation between the two Parties: (1) desiring to promote mutual interest through cooperation in the field of standardization and related areas on the basis of equality and mutual benefits, (2) aiming to establish a more firm and continuous dialogue platform by means of sharing knowledge and good practices, by exchanging approaches to standardization strategies and discussing global standardization issues, and (3) considering their common interest to promote and foster cooperation in the spirit of equality and mutual benefit on a voluntary basis and without legal binding. 

Collaboration Implementation

This collaboration will include the following key areas of collaboration:

  • By liaising with DIN, FDOF will provide access to the platform and its members to promote an effective cooperation among all partners and relevant stakeholders in terms of developing and setting standards;
  • Taking advantage of this potential, DIN intends to identify and where applicable agree on technology areas, fields, or items for reciprocal standards cooperation;
  • Organization of joint seminars and symposia;
  • Sharing of expertise on the training and further education of specialists in standardization;
  • Establishing and where applicable agreeing on joint research/study in order to contribute to international standardization such as ISO, IEC, and other standards development activities;
  • Deliverables of this liaison should be concrete recommendations and the outline of standardization needs in the various areas of FAIR Digital Objects
  • By cooperation with FDOF DIN intends to realize identified recommendations and initiate standardization activities in Europe and throughout the world;
  • In turn, partnering with DIN will provide FDOF the opportunity to contribute to standards work with global validity;

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